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Study Fashion - Foundation Course
19- 23 March 2012 5 - 8 pm


The Foundation Seminar is here to offer a basic knowledge of the fashion industry, skimming through the main four areas which make up the industry mainly, the production & design, the business of fashion, the marketing and the fashion media. With this seminar students can get a good idea of how the fashion industry works & which area one should specialize in. Certificate of attendance will be issued upon completion of course. The seminar will be delivered by Alison Coates, a Maltese based stylist & shoe designer who has worked and studied in the fashion industry in London.

Platinum Plus are also offering two (2) scholarships to the most promising two students who apply for Fashion Foundation Course . If you're a designer, stylist, photographer, or interested in working in the fashion industry we recommend you apply for the scholarship, please visit for more details

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Foundation Seminar 
Duration: 15 hours (Three hours daily for five days)
Dates: 19th March – 23rd March
Time: 5pm – 8pm
Price: 150 Euro + 18% VAT
Student Smart Card accepted.

  1. Funding & financing your collection’s samples.
  2. Mood board, design process, & production,
  3. samples & manufacturing.
  4. Textiles, sourcing out textiles & textile samples
  5. The job of a distributor.
  6. Working with a factory & preparing orders + working a year ahead.
  7. Targeting your buyer & your market. Selling power. Art vs commerce, examples of big designers that went bankrupt over the years
  8. Setting up a brand’s image & adapting it to your market.
  9. How photography & styling work together & why they are so important in the fashion industry
  10. The importance of the fashion show / presentation for the buyer & for the press.
  11. Case study, an emerging designer who managed to achieve commercial status
  12. How do magazines work, case studies of two different fashion magazines. How can a magazine work for your brand
  13. The rise of the new media for luxury goods



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